Lights, sparkles, taxi please! 
take your seat for Edinburgh’s only
one-woman, cabaret taxi tour! 

Sylvia Dow is the creator of Cab-arette, the only cabaret act on taxi wheels in Edinburgh, the UK, possibly the World! 


As you might imagine for the person behind this unique show, Sylvia has not followed a conventional life path.   


Born in The Black Isle, Edinburgh has been Sylvia’s home for over 25 years.  She attended an alternative school, started work at 16, and has enjoyed turning her hand to many different jobs, learning a variety of skills and nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit which has meant Sylvia can truly call this a one-woman show.  


As well as being the sole performer, Sylvia proudly handles all the lighting, music, costumes, set design and management, down to the practical upkeep of her de-commissioned taxicab.  


Meeting people from all walks of life has fed her genuine love of people. And a firm believer that travelling opens your mind, Sylvia has taken time out to travel around USA, in New Zealand, Australia and Thailand, and across South America. 


Without formal theatre training, Sylvia, a natural entertainer, developed her craft on the job - as a cabbie! 


After a spell of travelling, when Sylvia returned to Edinburgh, she decided to become a taxi driver because “she enjoys driving and loves meeting new people”. And she thought it would be fun.  


She hadn’t anticipated just how much fun she was letting herself in for!  


Sylvia was never going to be your usual cabbie. Having earned her taxi licence in 2011, shortly before that year’s Edinburgh Festival began, she was thrown in at the deep end, finding her cabbie feet (or should that be wheels?!) in a city which was intent on enjoying itself.    


Caught up in the Festival atmosphere, and “finally with a captive audience!”, Sylvia started to entertain her fares with song ditties, chat, accents and funny tales. Prone to be outlandish, as she openly admits, her love of performing had found its natural home. 


The following year, Sylvia, and Amanda Mongey, a good friend, put together a show, Cabaret Cab, and was accepted as an official Fringe Festival show. It attracted great reviews, impressive for a first-time performer. 


Now, with five colourful characters, Lola and the Girls, Sylvia performs her Showtour all year-round, offering to tourists and Edinburgh residents alike, this one-off experience.  


Always at the heart of Sylvia’s act is the desire to share fun and to lift people’s spirits. So, take your seat and get ready for the most original, entertaining taxi-ride of your life!